The English Club Experience

I do not regret doing the FCE but when I started, I had not imagined the amount of work it would represent during the whole year. It was not easy and sometimes I was fed up. But finally, when you receive your results and you know that you have passed, you feel very proud of yourself and happy to have taken part in the adventure. The huge amount of work we received really helped us to improve.

Inès Ghils (6ème C)


For me, it was quite obvious that I was going to take the FCE exam. I have always liked languages and it was the oppportunity to improve my English level. Even if I knew it was going to be hard, it was actually even worse than what I thought … I sometimes felt discouraged but fortunately, Mrs Delhaye was always there to motivate everybody ! Indeed, the English Club was not boring, it always took place in a nice atmosphere and I will probably miss it… Anyway, the FCE is a great experience that I would recommend to every motivated and hardworking student.

Raphaëlle Dedonder (6ème B)


English is my second foreign language which means I was not sure I would manage to pass the First Certificate in English. I went to the first meetings, Mrs Delhaye showed us videos about the speaking part of the exam and I was quite frightened by the things we would have to do. But after that, we began to do a lot of speaking and use of English exercises and I became more and more confident in my abilities. I learnt a lot, thanks to the teacher and my partner, doing these exercises and training in pairs for the speaking part. We had a lot of meetings at lunch time, which was sometimes exhausting but really necessary too. Finally, I would say that there was a very good group spirit and that I have enjoyed taking part in the FCE.

Aurélie Billouez (6ème C)


I remember the day I went to discuss with my teacher a possible plan I had in mind: going abroad to do a second 6th year. I was not sure whether I should have an official English certificate or not.   She jumped on that occasion to suggest that I should take the CAE. This is how it all started. It was neither easy nor funny. The CAE level was far harder than what I thought, so I had to study more than I expected. I remember spending my weekends and holiday reading and filling in piles of photocopies, mumbling and grumbling in my room while my family was spending the day out. Coming to school on a Sunday was not pleasant either and taking an exam is always stressful, but when I received my results, I was delighted and I forgot all these drawbacks. I must thank my teacher because she did a lot to help us have our CAE or FCE, giving us tons of exercises, answering our mails sent at indecent hours… Eventually, I won’t do a second 6th year, but I am really happy with my achievements and I am sure it will be useful during my life.

                                                                                                         Lisa Baulard (6ème A)


The English Club was a really nice experience. I learned a lot about the other students and especially about my partner, who I worked with for several months You could say that going to the English Club twice a week is too much but in fact it is just what you need to improve your skills and it is worth it! I had decided to take the CAE and I must admit I really doubted whether I would pass it or not. It was a bit scaring. But I did it !!!


Alegria Dubly (6ème D)



I wanted to take part in the English Club to get the First Certificate of English because it would allow me to be exempted from English lectures at University. It was really difficult for me because English is my second foreign language but I did not give up and went on working. I am now proud of myself because I have passed it. Moreover my English knowledge has really improved and it is now much easier for me to chat with English people. Altogether I don’t regret taking part in this club.

Emilie Duthoo (6ème C)



I have learnt much while preparing for the FCE concerning vocabulary, grammar (especially the specific structures) but also the way to speak. It has helped me develop long-term skills, such as synthesizing and structuring ideas (although it’s still not perfect at all, but I’m persevering ! 🙂 ), having more confidence in what I write/say, working faster. Moreover, I have become more regular in my studies, thanks to the English exercises we were given. In addition, it was not only about English, because we learnt how to live and work in a team. We got to know one another more.  And actually, I found it rather amusing to meet at lunchtime on Mondays and Fridays! It was a nice experience and I would like to thank my teacher for her commitment and encouragement.
Rachel Lemaitre (6ème D)


My adventure with the FCE examination started at the beginning of the school year in September. I was supposed to attend the English club which was held twice a week at lunchtime. I was not taking it too seriously until I realised that it was not a piece of cake. I woud have to study and participate in an active way in order to pass the exam. It was not always easy to keep going, but luckily we had our English teacher who supported and encouraged us even if there was still a long way to go. Finally we arrived at the exam day. We were stressed but not that much because we were well-prepared with all the extra meetings and exercises we received. All in one it was a good experience for the language but also for the hard work we did.

Natacha de Sauvage Vercour (6ème D)


The FCE and English club experience was a really good one. Of course, there were a lot of moments I thought it would impossible to manage all the work and pass the exam.   Then you finally discover that you can do it! It has also helped us to be more self-confident and that is important, I think. Finally, you can notice that your level has increased and so you forget about the work and you do not regret doing it!

Augustin Hautecoeur (6ème D)


I took part in a great experience : the FCE. Thanks to my teacher, many exercises, a few mock exams I was ready to take the exam. I noticed my level in English was getting better and better in all the different skills of the language. I am glad I have done it and I hope you, future sixth formers, will use this opportunity. Not only will you improve in English, but you will also get to know other students and finally you will be proud of your achievement. If I could give you a piece of advice : it is a great challenge, just go for it !


Pauline Carbonnelle (6ème D)


I have learned a lot during my year at the English club. It has helped me to improve my speaking and grammar skills thanks to the amount of exercises we had to do. It has made me more self-confident and I dared to speak more. But the most important for me was that I learned to know other people, whom I did not use to talk to. I would recommend that other people should do it, if they want to improve their English in a fast way.


Charlotte Bedeer (6ème D)


I took the CAE exam last March. The CAE is well-known all over the world. I can say that I really have no regret taking it. It gives you the opportunity to work hard for something you believe in. When you decide to take part in it, you absolutely need to be in a good and open state of mind. Then you will improve your English and feel proud of yourself.



Augustin Carbonnelle (6ème A)